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Have you got an idea to better the event? Perhaps you’ve noticed something we’ve missed? Or maybe you just want to extend your appreciation to the all-volunteer staff that makes this event happen year after year? In any case, sound off in the comments box below to make your voice heard!

13 thoughts on “Sound Off!

  1. No German beer!! Ouch! The ONLY thing German was the daytime polka band (modern country music at night), a standard bratwurst, and some potato salad. Its also very expensive. If you come to drink beer….you will be seeing police EVERYWHERE. There are police on horseback to park you, and police everywhere when you leave, which should make you feel safe from violence, but makes you not want to drink like a German. Its really a country-American family “get-together”. It is great for kids, wholesome families, and elderly folks that don’t drink or drink very little, and don’t care about beer.

  2. Awe…$3.00 to get n…….hope u have some german biers? I havent been yet as i just learned of this…cant wait to come to the 2017.

  3. Start making NEW bier tokens again, please. (Ibelieve the last year of production was 2007). Fun collecting them!! Danke.

  4. Please sell your items online before Ernt. We have gone every Saterday to Ernt since 1982 and over half the time the newest or popular shirt items are sold out in common sizes. Please allow pre-orders!

  5. $9 to park and gain entrance for 2 adults before you even eat or drink?? bad idea on the entrance fee. i bet there will be a lot of [upset] people this year

  6. I came across Ernte Fest through a friend a few years ago and I haven’t missed a celebration since! The staff is super nice and the environment is fun and entertaining.

    I really enjoy listening to the Sauerkrauts band every year and I’m excited that there will be three bands this year.

    One thing that I can’t help but notice is that there are few if any German biers. To make Ernte Fest better I would suggest more German bier… lots more German bier.

    I am also concerned about the $3 entry fee. I have witnessed two annual events go down hill fast by imposing an entry fee and I hope that this will not happen to Ernte Fest.

    I really like Paul’s idea about a discount for dressing up Knowing that this is a fund raiser I think that a much better reward would be free entry into the bier garten or 1 free strudel or something similar.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the good times!

  7. I love Ernte Fest, and look forward to it each year! I started going in about 1989-1992 or so when I was a small kid. My grandparents were part of a polka dance group, and took me there. As I grew older and after my grandfather passed, I took my grandmother there to keep the tradition alive. Great memories of Ernte Fest! I love the oompah-bands, and the last 2 times I wore Leiderhosen (actually Bundthosen I think). I love the German Potato Salad–so hard to find. Since I grew up in Cincinnati, I love “Goetta” also (Glier’s Goetta is the best–you can order it online. Too bad it isn’t served at Ernte Fest as its yummy!!!!)
    As for ideas, perhaps offer a $1-$2 discount incentive for those that wear lederhosen/drindle. I’m in Public Relations/Marketing and I think it will create a bigger ‘buzz’ with people telling friends, etc. so that way more people wear the traditional outfits. That in turn will bring in more people I think!
    Lastly, this year my wife and I just had our first child! In keeping our family tradition of Ernte Fest alive, I will be introducng our daughter to her first Ernte Fest this year! We can’t wait!
    Keep up the great work Ernte Fest/Lions Club—Prost!

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