How did you become aware of the Ernte-Fest event?

          If radio or newspaper, which station or paper?


How many years have you been attending this event?
First time1 - 5 years6 - 10 yearsForever


How would you rate the overall event?
1 (poor)2345678910 (excellent)

How would you rate the quality of the children's offerings (games & rides)?
1 (poor)2345678910 (excellent)

How would you rate the quality of the food offering?
          Meal Offering
          1 (poor)2345678910 (excellent)
          Snack Shack
          1 (poor)2345678910 (excellent)

How would you rate the musical acts?
          The Mark Chapman Band
          1 (poor)2345678910 (excellent)
          Southern Green
          1 (poor)2345678910 (excellent)
          1 (poor)2345678910 (excellent)
          Johnny Zibert Band
          1 (poor)2345678910 (excellent)


From your experience with previous Ernte-Fest events, how is the overall quality of the event changing?
ImprovingAbout the sameDeclining


Are you aware that a majority of the funds raised through this event support charitable donation?

          If no, would this impact your feelings regarding this event?


What improvements would you like to see to enhance the quality of the Ernte-Fest event?

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